Episode 043: Rob Hunter

“Don’t deep throat a pineapple!”

This week’s episode live from EDGE HQ, it’s a full house as host Mark Williamson is joined by Producer Dave Keeshan, Ryan ‘Special Comments’ Crawford and guest, host of the Late O’clock show Rob Hunter.

The crew talks about everything from the Karate Kid to Rocky. We also see the debut of our new segment Ryan’s question where we find out which panellist almost became a pilot as well we talk about our upcoming live show at the Sydney Fringe Festival.

Sydney Fringe Festival LIVE show: Sept 11th and 18th Factory Theatre tickets onsale soon.

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Mark  M_W_Oh (Host) Dave davekeeshan (Producer)

Ryan RyanTheCrawford (?)

Rob @RobHunterswords (Guest)

Mark Williamson
Rob Hunter
Dave Keeshan