• Episode 164: Josh Cohen

    This week on the podcast host Mark Williamson is joined by food/lifestyle blogger Josh Cohen to talk about the launch of Josh’s new food blog: Where You Goin’ Josh Cohen? […]

  • Episode 163: Ray Cashman

    This week on the chat show host Mark Williamson is joined by comedian/travel agent/entrepreneur/friend Ray Cashman. Ray is here to talk all about his new project Power Slam the the […]

  • Episode 162: Anil Desai

    Welcome to episode 161 of the podcast, joining host Mark Williamson this week is UK comedian Anil Desai, frequent guest/co-host Peter Meisel and the returning Seizure Kaiser. In this week’s […]

  • Episode 161: Peter Meisel

    “Joining host Mark Williamson this week on the chat show is the one and thankfully only Peter Meisel as they chat about everything and anything. This week’s episode was recorded […]

  • Episode 160: Rob and Gareth

    Welcome back…or welcome to the Chat Show W/ Mark Williamson. This episode was recorded on the night Scott Morrison became Prime Minister and was thought lost but then mysteriously turned […]

  • Episode 159: Shane Adamczak

    Welcome to MW’s Chat Show this week host Mark Williamson is joined by West Australian actor/comedian/puppeteer Shane Adamczak live from the infamous Westfield food court. Mark and Shane first met […]

  • Episode 158: Gareth Kidd

    This week on the podcast sees the debut of Gareth Kidd as he joins host Mark Williamson at Edge HQ.  The conversation goes from Andrew Denton to finding a pube […]

  • Episode 157: Marcus Ryan

    Welcome to MW’s Chat Show this week’s guest is globe trotting Comedian Marcus Ryan.  Marcus is back in Australia for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, if you’re in Melbourne go […]

  • Episode 156: Sydney Fringe Festival

    Live from the Sydney Fringe Festival host Mark Williamson and co-host Peter Green bring to you the quiz show Annus Horribilius. Where two comedians, Carlo Sands and Peter Meisel battle […]

  • Episode 155: Seizure Kaiser and Michael French

    It’s road trip time! That’s right host Mark Williamson headed down to Wollongong for a gig and took his recording gear with him. Joining him on the road in the […]