Episode 045: Laura Imbruglia and Jeremy Keast

First up I (Mark Williamson host of the Podcast) would like to apologise to Ryan Crawford as I forgot to introduce him on this week’s episode of the Podcast, for those wondering yes he was in the techie’s chair and yes he did a great job. And no he is not holding a spider in a jar next to me and making me write this.

This week on the podcast we are back at EDGE HQ and joined by Singer-Songwriter and Footballer Laura Imbruglia and good friend of the show Jeremy Keast.

We chat about everything from Laura’s new album, What a Treat (available at all good record stores and iTunes), Keasty thought’s on Oasis, Blur, Coldplay and every other band we mention and so much more.

Have a listen and don’t forget Spetember  11th and 18th we are at the factory theatre for the Sydney Fringe Festival. For more info please check out www.comedyonedge.com

For more info on Laura Imbruglia check out www.lauraimbruglia.com (also follow her on twitter www.twitter.com/lauraimbruglia )


Mark Williamson
Laura Imbruglia
Jeremy Keast